新吸叶机 WBLV506H V

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新吸叶机 WBLV506H V

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新吸叶机 WBLV506H V This litter vacuum is suitable for leaf, litter, and debris removal on hard surfaces and is specially designed for such surface usage.
It is powered by a 4.5HP KOHLER engine and the powerful machine drives a suction turbine.
The exclusive starfish blade can quickly turn fall leaves into high-quality compost for farming and gardening instead of burning them. In this way, it makes working and cleaning easy
The technology and machine are also very environment-friendly in this way which is also why it is the best in its effectiveness.

1.A 4M flexible hose (on suction side) and a nozzle with handle is equipped.
2.Safety switch equipped to prevent danger
3.Activities nozzle can adjust the spray direction


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